Technical papers

Ground Resistance Testing
Understanding Ground Resistance Measurements AEMC Instruments Covers soil resistivity, ground resistance, 3 & 4 wire measurements and clamp measurements
Analysis of Measured and Calculated Pylon Ground/Earth Resistances Institute of Electrical Power Systems (Graz University) Explains the theoretical background for measuring and evaluating ladder network impedances and grounding system resistances of overhead power lines and ground/earth wires Download

Cable Diagnostics
Underground Cable Diagnosis Cable Diagnostics Focused Initiative (CDFI). Paper on understanding effect of diagnostic technologies on MV underground cables Download

Understanding Cable & Antenna Analysis
Stefan Pontgratz (Anritsu)
Covers the fundamentals, relevant parameters and interpretation of Cable & antenna analysis
Distance to Fault Measurements for Cable & Antenna Installation and Maintenance
Covers distance to fault (DTF), performance verification and failure analysis tool used for antenna and transmission line service and maintenance
Practical Tips on Measuring Interference Anritsu Measurement tips and procedures which will help the field technician measure signal interference in operating communications systems Download
Fundamentals of Interference in Wireless Networks Anritsu An application note describing and discussing the fundamentals of interference in wireless networks Download
cdmaOne/CDMA2000 1X Base Station Troubleshooting Guide Anritsu A troubleshooting guide for cdmaOne/CDMA2000 1X base stations utilizing Anritsu's handheld MT8222A BTS Master or MS2721/23/24B Spectrum Master Download
LTE White paper Anritsu White paper on future technologies and testing for fixed mobile convergence, SAE and LTE in cellular mobile communications Download
Accurate Power Measurements on Modern Communication Systems Anritsu This application note will take a look at the demands on measuring power on some modern communication systems Download
Intermodulation distortion (IMD) Measurements Anritsu An application note discusses Intermodulation Distortion(IMD) and how to measure it using the 37300 Series Vector Network Analyser (VNA) Download

Medical :
Rigel Electro Surgical Booklet Rigel Medical Guide to testing Download
Rigel Vital Signs Booklet Rigel Medical Guide to testing Download
Rigel Guide to Infusion Pump Testing Rigel Medical Guide to testing Download
Calibrating CPR Oxylators with CITREX IMT  Medical Guide to testing Download
Accuractely Measuring Gas Flow IMT Medical Guide to testing Download
Qualification of O2 Dosing Pacifiers IMT Medical Guide to testing Download
Trigger Settings in Ventilator Testing IMT Medical Guide to testing Download
Working with CITREX Profiles IMT Medical Guide to Testing Download

Hydrogen Storage Experiments PASCO Scientific Clean Energy - Hydrogen/Fuel Cells Download
Materials Testing PASCO Scientific Materials Testing System Download

Electric Vehicles (EV)
White Paper on EV Charging points Seaward Electronics Covers safety and performance of charging points Download