About Us


1976 -- GTS Engineering, was established with its prime focus to import and distribute Electrical and Electronic Test & Measurement equipment. High-quality products were sourced from around the world. The product portfolio grew rapidly and GTS became a leading supplier to the New Zealand market. Power Protection equipment (UPS and lightning protection) was added to the product portfolio a short time later
1986 -- GTS Engineering was purchased by Australian electrical contracting company, Nilsen Group, and as one of their Hi-Tech subsidiaries, the name changed to Nilsen Technologies (NZ) Ltd. The market and product focus remained unchanged.
2002 -- Nilsen Group made the decision to focus their efforts on their primary business activities (electrical contracting) in the Australian market. The New Zealand Technology group was sold to management. The company name changed to ElectroTest Ltd. Again, the market and product focus remained unchanged.

Current Market Position

Today ElectroTest is a leading supplier of Test and Measurement Equipment and Power Protection Products to a wide spectrum of markets throughout New Zealand. These include:
  • Power Utilities
  • Aviation
  • Transportation
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Electrical/Electronic OEM‘s
  • Telecommunications and Data-communications
  • Research & Development
  • Education
  • Electrical and Electronic Repair
  • Government/Defence
  • Corporate IT infrastructure
We provide a wide range of portable field and bench instrumentation including:
  • Electrical test tools - multimeters, clampmeters, phase rotation, loop and RCD testers, power analysers
  • Bench test equipment - power supplies, oscilloscopes, function/waveform generators, frequency counters
  • RF and microwave test equipment - cable/antenna analysers, spectrum analysers, power meters, signal generators
  • R&D equipment - picoammeters, microvoltmeters, electrometers, electronic loads, precision standards
  • Fibre optic test equipment - OTDR, light sources, optical power meter,
  • Power protection - uninterruptible power supply, batteries, rectifiers inverters, active harmonic filters
To cover such a diverse range of applications ElectroTest employs industry trained sales professionals to ensure the best advice is offered on selection, use and maintenance of the equipment.