Allows measurement of force applied directly on to the platform.
ScienceWorkshop version.

Typical Applications:
  • Determine "hang time" by jumping off the platform, then landing on it
  • Use two Force Platforms to investigate Newton's 3rd Law
  • Use with a Motion Sensor and bouncing ball to compare the impulse and change in momentum as the ball collides with the platform
  • Measure the normal force on a person riding in an elevator
  • Measure the normal and parallel forces on a wall as a ladder leans against the wall. (2-axis only)
  • Pull an object across the platform and measure the normal and frictional forces. (2-axis only)

Special Features:
  • Large jumping and landing surface
  • Rugged design
  • High sampling rate provides a smooth data set to ease analysis
  • Force Overload Protection
  • 2-Axis measures both normal and parallel forces


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